Who Did The Jets’ Joe Namath Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Joe Namath was an important and notable National Football League quarterback for a number of reasons. He helped the New York Jets reach a level of respectability for the first time in their history. He brought excitement and attention to the American Football League due to his actions and abilities. He also helped to get the AFL to be taken seriously after predicting a Super Bowl III victory over the heavily favored Baltimore Colts from the more established National Football League.

Namath had some great years, but due to injuries his peak years, or his prime, was not near as long as many people hoped it would have been. During his career though, who did Joe Namath throw the most touchdown passes to?

Here is a look at the top five receivers based on how many touchdown passes Joe Namath threw to them.

Don Maynard (42)

Rich Caster (27)

George Sauer (25)

Jerome Barkum (11)

Pete Lammons (10)

The great Emerson Boozer just missed this list, during his career he caught nine touchdown passes from Joe Namath.

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