Who Has Chargers Great Philip Rivers Thrown The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Philip Rivers didn’t automatically become a starting quarterback in the National Football League, he at first had to sit and watch Drew Brees have a couple of great seasons in San Diego. After Brees left though, Rivers got his chance to shine, and shine he did.

He has developed into one of the better and more exciting quarterbacks in the league. In no time at all all, he should be celebrating championships and individual awards just like Brees, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. He has already thrown a lot of touchdown passes for the Chargers, some of them in very big games.

Who has caught the most touchdown passes from him though? Through the 2009 season, here is a list of the top five receivers based on how many TD passes they’ve caught from Philip Rivers.

Antonio Gates – 32

Vincent Jackson – 25

Chris Chambers – 10

Darren Sproles – 9

Malcolm Floyd – 9

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