Who Has Marc Bulger Thrown The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Marc Bulger burst onto the NFL scene with the St. Louis Rams as the unheralded backup quarterback to Kurt Warner. Warner had similarly burst onto the scene a few years earlier, coming out of nowhere to lead the Rams to the Super Bowl and accumulate a serious amount of individual awards. With Warner experiencing injury and sub-par on field results, Bulger was given a shot at running the team. And run it he did, putting up some of the best season numbers of any quarterback in the league during the mid 2000’s.

He played in a lot of big games for the team and threw a lot of big touchdowns. Who was his favorite receiver though? Who has Marc Bulger thrown more touchdown passes to than anyone else?

Here are the top five receivers, through 2009, based on how many touchdown passes have been thrown to them by Marc Bulger.

Torry Holt – 46

Isaac Bruce – 22

Kevin Curtis – 9

Donnie Avery – 7

Steven Jackson – 6

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