Who Scored The Most Touchdowns In Their Final Season In The NFL

Finishing strong and going out on top are never bad ways to describe an NFL player. There are also few stats that measure how important a player was to their team like total touchdowns scored. With that in mind, today we are looking at who has scored the most touchdowns in their final season in the NFL.

The answer is the great Jim Brown, who scored 21 touchdowns (17 rushing, 4 receiving) for the Cleveland Browns in 1965, his final season in the NFL.

Let’s take a look at everyone in the history of the NFL that has scored double digit touchdowns in the last year of their NFL career. 17 players made the list, and four of them are members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Jim Brown – RB – Cleveland Browns – 1965 – 21 TDs – Hall of Famer
Sterling Sharpe – WR – Green Bay Packers – 1994 – 18 TDs
Robb Riddick – RB – Buffalo Bills – 1988 – 14 TDs
Larry Csonka – RB – Miami Dolphins – 1979 – 13 TDs – Hall of Famer
Corey Dillon – RB – New England Patriots – 2006 – 13 TDs
Billy Hillenbrand – RB – Baltimore Colts (AAFC) – 1948 – 13 TDs
Pete Johnson – RB – San Diego Chargers / Miami Dolphins – 1984 – 12 TDs
Bob Shaw – WR – Chicago Cardinals – 1950 – 12 TDs
Marcus Allen – RB – Kansas City Chiefs – 1997 – 11 TDs – Hall of Famer
Gerald Riggs – RB – Washington Redskins – 1991 – 11 TDs
Warren Wells – WR – Oakland Raiders – 1970 – 10 TDs
Leroy Hoard – RB – Cleveland Browns – 1999 – 10 TDs
Don Hutson – WR – Green Bay Packers – 1945 – 10 TDs – Hall of Famer
Keith Jackson – TE – Green Bay Packers – 1996 – 10 TDs
Allen Pinkett – RB – Houston Oilers – 1991 – 10 TDs
Robert Smith – RB – Minnesota Vikings – 2000 – 10 TDs
Tony Teresa – RB – Oakland Raiders – 1960 – 10 TDs

Some interesting info regarding that list of players who scored 10 or more touchdowns in their final season in the league:

-The first player to score 10 or more touchdowns in their final season in the NFL was Pro Football Hall of Fame member and NFL legend, Don Hutson.

-Robb Riddick’s 14 touchdowns he scored in his final season in the league were not only the most of his career, but the only time he amassed double digit touchdowns in a season.

-Don Hutson not only scored 10 touchdowns in his final year in the NFL, he also kicked 31 extra points and two field goals too.

-Billy Hillenbrand and Tony Teresa both made this list scoring 10 or more TDs in their final season even though they had very limited careers. Hillenbrand only played three seasons of pro football, one with the Chicago Rockets and two with the Baltimore Colts of the AAFC before it merged with the NFL. Teresa only saw action in two seasons of pro football, one year in 1958 with the San Francisco 49ers where he played in just one game and then two seasons later across the bay for the Oakland Raiders in the first year of the AFL.

-The youngest player to ever score 10 or more TDs in their final season was Billy Hillenbrand who did so at the age of 26. The oldest to do so was Marcus Allen who accomplished it at the age of 37.

-Pete Johnson’s final year saw him split time between two teams, playing three games for the Chargers and scoring three touchdowns, then playing 13 games for the Dolphins and scoring nine more touchdowns.

-Warren Wells played one season with the Detroit Lions and then served two years in the United States Army after being drafted. He then came to play for four very productive seasons for the Oakland Raiders, scoring 10 touchdowns in his last year in football.

-During his 11 year career, all of which was spent in Green Bay, Don Hutson led the NFL in several offensive categories. He led the league in receptions eight times, receiving yards seven times, yards per catch twice, touchdown receptions nine times, receiving yards per game eight times, and total yards from scrimmage three times.

-Of the 17 players on this list, only two of them spent their entire careers with one team: Jim Brown and Don Hutson.

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