Football Cards… Remember When?

Ahh, football cards.

Many of us older football fans collected them when we were kids. Heck, if you were around in the late 1980s to the late 1990s, chances are you were buying football cards even if you weren’t a kid. Here is a great blog that covers the glory days of football card buying. By glory days, I’m not talking about the 1950s, 1960s, or 1970s. I’m not even talking about the #’d inserts, game used jersey cards, and autograph cards of 2000 and later. I’m speaking of the massively produced cards of the late 1980s to mid 1990s.

David Klingler, Mark Rypien, and Andre Rison all highlight the front page of right now, it sure brings back some memories. Check ’em out today!

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