Upcoming Series Regarding The NFL All-Decade Team

We’re sitting here in 2008, so there is not any reason to discuss the upcoming NFL All-Decade team… seeing as it is still two years away from being named. Let’s take a look back at All-Decade teams of the past.

Who is the only player to be named to two different All-Decade teams?

That and many other questions will be answered. To make the All-Decade team, you have to have been a great player (if not dominant player) during the decade. If you truly are a great player over the course of ten years, it seems to reason that would result in a Hall-of-Fame induction too. But, how many players made All-Decade teams and did not make it into the Hall-of-Fame? We’ll answer that one too. That analysis will only involve the 1920s through the 1970s, as there are many players not in the Hall-of-Fame from the 1980s and 1990s that will be one day.

So, it all starts tomorrow… IQFB.com examines the NFL All-Decade teams.

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