Sponsor A Page


After many inquiries regarding people wanting to link to their website from IQFB.com, we have established a process for doing just that. There are two ways to sponsor a team or league page on IQFB.com; the first way is to add your site’s link in the “More Links” section found at the bottom of most every team or league information page, the second way is to have your site’s name and message splashed across the top as the sponsor of a team or league’s information page.

Sponsor A Page Advertising:
The following guidelines are in place for those wishing to sponsor an entire team or league’s trivia page.

  • The prices are different for Sponsor Ads on different team’s pages because of traffic to those pages. The more popular pages and teams carry a higher price because they get more page views.
  • Sponsor Ads are sold in one year increments, before your ad space expires you will be given the opportunity via email to reserve it again for another year before it is opened up for others to purchase it.
  • Sponsor Ads consist of a link title, the url that it is linked to, and up to a 25 word message. The message can also include one other link in it, to the same site or another site completely.
  • The Sponsor Ads can link to commercial websites, personal webpages, blogs, or myspace pages.
  • No Sponsor Ads will be accepted promoting any adult, gambling, hacking, or offensive websites.
  • Sponsor Ad requests are usually replied to within 48 hours
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