10 Fun Facts About Vanderbilt Stadium

Vanderbilt Stadium has seen some great games over the years. Some notable players have played there too, both on the home team and as visitors. Here is a look at some fun facts and interesting info about Vanderbilt Stadium.

-Vanderbilt Stadium was built in 1922 and had extensive remodeling done in 1981.

-When built, it was the first stadium in the south to be used just for college football.

-Beginning in 1998, Vanderbilt Stadium became home to the Music City Bowl.

-The complex is named Vanderbilt Stadium but the surface is named Dudley Field after William Dudley, an early Dean of the Vanderbilt University Medical School and also a man who was integral to the founding of both the Southeastern Conference as well as the NCAA.

-The playing surface of Vanderbilt Stadium was natural grass from 1922 to 1969 before it was replaced with Astroturf in 1970. The Astroturf was pulled out in 1998 and beginning in 1999 grass would make its return to the field at Vanderbilt.

-During the 1998 NFL season, Vanderbilt Stadium was home to the Tennessee Oilers who the very next year would be renamed the Tennessee Titans.

-Vanderbilt Stadium was never intended to be the home of an NFL team. The Oilers first played in Memphis at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in 1997. The attendance there was so low that the team relocated to Nashville a year early and played at Vanderbilt while their new stadium there was under construction.

-The first night game ever played at the stadium came in 1954 when the Vanderbilt Commodores hosted the number 10 ranked Baylor Bears. The only reason lighting was available at the game was because it had been installed in preparation for a Billy Graham Crusade. The stadium hosted a second Billy Graham Crusade 25 years later in 1979.

-Some of the many musical acts that have performed at Vanderbilt Stadium include Dave Matthews Band, U2, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones.

-On May 18th, 1963, President John F. Kennedy spoke at Vanderbilt Stadium.

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