15 Fun Facts About Tulane Stadium

Tulane Stadium may be no more but here are some fun facts about this once important football stadium.

-Tulane Stadium was opened in 1926 with a seating capacity of approximately 35,000 people.

-Though the capacity was 35,000 at the time of construction, by 1956 the capacity for the stadium had increased to 80,985.

-Tulane Stadium hosted three of the first nine Super Bowls including Super Bowls IV, VI, and IX.

-Super Bowl IX was originally scheduled to be played at the Louisiana Superdome but when that stadium hadn’t been completed in time it was moved to nearby Tulane Stadium.

-The last college football game ever played in Tulane Stadium was the Sugar Bowl on December 31st, 1974. Nebraska defeated Florida in that game, 13-10.

-The Sugar Bowl was played at Tulane Stadium every year from the first one in 1935 up until the Louisiana Superdome was opened.

-The most people ever to see a game at Tulane Stadium was 86,598. That happened on December 1, 1973 when the Tulane Green Wave beat the LSU Tigers 14-0.

-On the same day that the Louisiana Superdome opened, Tulane Stadium was condemned for demolition.

-Tulane Stadium was the home field for the New Orleans Saints from 1967, their first year in the NFL, until 1974.

-The Saints lost the first game they ever played at the stadium, 27-13 to the Los Angeles Rams. They would however win the last game they played there 14-0 over the St. Louis Cardinals.

-Tulane Stadium was an all grass field from the moment it was opened in 1926 up until 1970. In 1971 its surface was replaced with Poly-Turf.

-The Pelican Bowl was a short lived college bowl game that was played in 1972, 1973, and 1975 and then discontinued due to low attendance. The second and third games were played at Tulane Stadium with the second one won by Grambling University and the last one won by Southern University.

-On November 8, 1970 in Tulane Stadium the Saints would get a come from behind victory over the the Detroit Lions, winning 19-17 on a late field goal. That field goal was kicked by Tom Dempsey from 63 yards away, setting the NFL record for longest field goal ever.

-Tulane Stadium was the first stadium to host a Super Bowl and later be demolished.

-Before Super Bowl XII, the first one ever held in the Superdome, the Denver Broncos used Tulane Stadium as their practice facility in preparation for the big game.

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