A Half Dozen Fun Facts About Sun Bowl Stadium

Here are some fun facts and little known info about Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, Texas.

-The stadium was constructed to be the new home of the Sun Bowl in 1963. The former home of the Sun Bowl is Kidd Field located right next door to Sun Bowl Stadium. It now is mainly used for track and field events.

-The original cost of building Sun Bowl Stadium was $275,000.

-The stadium had a natural grass field from 1963 to 1973. It then was covered in AstroTurf from 1974 to 2000. That surface was replaced then with its current AstroPlay field cover.

-In a somewhat unique arrangement, the land that Sun Bowl Stadium is built on was once owned by the school who then donated it to El Paso County who built the stadium as an upgrade for the bowl game that shares its name. The county then owned the stadium until 2001 when it and the ownership of the land reverted back to the school.

-The Sun Bowl was the original home of the Texas vs. The Nation Game which featured players from Texas taking on All-Stars from around the country. It was played at the Sun Bowl from 2007 to 2010, after which it was moved to San Antonio.

-Sun Bowl Stadium is the major American stadium located closest to a foreign country. The community of Juarez sits less than a half mile from it, right across the Rio Grande River.

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