Ten Little Known Facts About Sam Boyd Stadium In Las Vegas, Nevada

The University of Nevada-Las Vegas is not known for being a powerhouse, but they do put on a good show when they are on their home field. UNLV plays those home games at Sam Boyd Stadium which is located very near to many of the trappings of one of the most exciting cities in the world. Here is a look at ten little known facts about Sam Boyd Stadium.

#1 – Though the mailing address for the stadium is Las Vegas and it is home to the University of Nevada-Las Vegas football team, the stadium is actually located in the unincorporated town of Whitney, Nevada just outside the borders of the city of Las Vegas.

#2 – Sam Boyd Stadium has been known by three other names since it was built: Las Vegas Stadium (1971-79), Las Vegas Silver Bowl (1978-84), and Sam Boyd Silver Bowl (1984-93).

#3 – Sam Boyd Stadium is named after Sam Boyd, an influential person in the gaming history of Las Vegas.

#4 – Sam Boyd Stadium was opened in 1971.

#5 – Sam Boyd Stadium has been home to three different professional football teams, the Las Vegas Posse of the Canadian Football League, the Las Vegas Outlaws of the XFL, and the Las Vegas Locomotives of the UFL.

#6 – There is grass on the field now at Sam Boyd Stadium, but the field was made of AstroTurf from 1971 to 1998.

#7 – When the stadium was renovated in 1978, the capacity was more than doubled from 15,000 to 32,000. It was increased again to 36,800 when remodeled in 1999.

#8 – Sam Boyd Stadium hosts the Las Vegas Bowl in college football each season. The first one was played there in 1992.

#9 – At the 2008 Las Vegas Bowl held in Sam Boyd Stadium, the national anthem was sung by none other than David Hasselhoff.

#10 – The first professional team to ever call Sam Boyd Stadium home was the Las Vegas Quicksilvers of the North American Soccer League. The team played their just one season, in 1977, before moving to San Diego and becoming the San Diego Sockers.

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