Unexpected 200 Yard Rushing Games – Part Two

The running back who puts up a 200 yard performance in a game has really made his mark on the NFL. With a 100 yard game as the standard for a great game, doubling that is something few get to do. And those who do are usually the bigger names in NFL history too. That […]

Unexpected 200 Yard Rushing Games – Part One

A running back who crosses the 100 yard rushing mark in a game is said to have had a great game. Stringing together 100 yard games can help him have one of the better seasons that year too. But, the best running backs in the game go beyond that and regularly put up 150 yard […]

Great Games: October 18th, 2009 – Thomas Jones Goes Over 200 Yards For The Jets

The 2009 New York Jets were an exciting team to watch.  They had a good group of young wide receivers.  Rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez was going through the ropes of learning how to be a good NFL quarterback.  New head coach Rex Ryan had brought a swagger and an incredible defense that the team had […]

200 Yard Receiving Games For The Cincinnati Bengals

Terrell Owens joined the list of receivers who have caught more than 200 yards worth of receptions in a game for the Cincinnati Bengals on 10/3/2010 in a 23-20 loss to the Cleveland Browns. We got asked on Twitter, how many 200 yard receiving games have been made by Bengals receivers. Here is a look […]