Opening Day 300 Yard Passing Performances For The Seattle Seahawks

The 300 yard game is still one of the most popular yardsticks in deciding if a quarterback has had a great performance on the field or not. This is hard to do in Week 1 of the season too, for a number of reasons. The Seahawks have experienced a lot of success, especially recently, but […]

Great Games – The Kansas City Chiefs Amazing Team Rushing Performance

The Kansas City Chiefs were one of the more impressive teams in the American Football League of the 1960’s. They were primarily known as a passing team during those days, thanks in large part to the wide open offense of head coach Hank Stram and the strong arm of quarterback Len Dawson. On October 23rd, […]

The Most 300 Yard Passing Games In Washington Redskins History

As one of the oldest franchises in the National Football League, it goes without saying that the Washington Redskins have had a number of quality teams and players over the years. This includes many of the players who have played the position of quarterback for the team. Who though has had the most 300 yard […]

300 Yard Passing Games And The American Football League (AFL)

The American Football League came into existence in 1960 as a direct competitor of the National Football League. Originally they were not given a chance, but they stuck through some tough times and after a decade ended up merging with the NFL. One of the things that set this new league apart from the NFL […]

Great Games – Matt Hasselbeck Leads The Seahawks Over The Chargers

Matt Hasselbeck has been a very productive during his time in the NFL. He began as a backup behind Brett Favre with the Green Bay Packers and went on to be very successful in Seattle. On December 29th, 2002 though, he had one of his best games ever as he led the Seahawks in a […]

The Most 300 Passing Yard Games In New York Giants History

The New York Giants are a great team that has had a long and interesting history in the National Football League. They have won some big games over the years. They have also had some big plays made by the great players who have played there. Measuring the effectiveness of a quarterback is difficult, but […]

Unexpected Members Of The 400 Yard Passing Club

A 300 yard game is considered by many to be the milestone that says an NFL quarterback had an exceptional performance.  Some quarterbacks take it a step further though and pass for more than 400 yards in a game.  The list of players to have done this includes some of the best to have ever […]

The Most 300 Yard Passing Games In Atlanta Falcons History

As usual, when it comes to passing statistics for quarterbacks in Atlanta Falcons history, longtime starter Steve Bartkowski is usually at or near the top of the list. When examining who has thrown the most 300 yard games for the team throughout their time in the NFL, it is no different. Bartkowski’s great talent and […]

The Most 300 Yard Passing Games In Colts History

For a long time now, the Indianapolis Colts have been one of the best teams in the National Football League. They have had great defenders, awesome wide receivers, very good offensive linemen, and exceptional running backs in recent years. The person making it all come together though has been quarterback Peyton Manning. It should come […]

Quarterbacks Who Have Thrown For More Than 500 Yards In A Game And Won

Yesterday we took a look at five quarterbacks who have passed for 500 or more yards in a game and still managed to lose.  There were five players who did it, here is that entry. Five QBs Who Threw For 500 Yards In A Game And Lost Today we see that there are also four […]