Quarterbacks With Three Interception Games Over The Age Of 40

NFL quarterbacks often play past the age of 40. Those that do are usually either superstars ending their careers or very good ones who have transitioned to being backups. Today we’re taking a look at 40 year old quarterbacks who have had some pretty tough games. Throwing three or more interceptions in a game is […]

The First 40 Year Old Quarterback To Throw A TD Pass In A Season Opener

Aging is a tough thing in sports and it isn’t often that a player can continue to play well beyond the age of 40. The quarterback position, like the kicker, can sometimes be one of the positions where it can happen though. With that in mind, who was the first quarterback in NFL history to […]

100 Yard Receiving Games Over The Age Of 40

Pro sports are a young man’s game. That’s what they always say, but at the same time occasionally you get those late bloomers or overachievers who put up good numbers in later years of their careers. Playing wide receiver in the NFL past the age of 40 is pretty rare. Rarer still is putting up […]

Rushing Touchdowns By Players Over The Age Of 40

The bulk of the players entering the National Football League do so at the age of 22, after they finish their college careers. Some are a little bit older, some are a little bit younger, but that is where most of them fall. The vast majority of those players do not have a career lasting […]