Great Games – The Kansas City Chiefs Amazing Team Rushing Performance

The Kansas City Chiefs were one of the more impressive teams in the American Football League of the 1960’s. They were primarily known as a passing team during those days, thanks in large part to the wide open offense of head coach Hank Stram and the strong arm of quarterback Len Dawson. On October 23rd, […]

Great Games – Matt Hasselbeck Leads The Seahawks Over The Chargers

Matt Hasselbeck has been a very productive during his time in the NFL. He began as a backup behind Brett Favre with the Green Bay Packers and went on to be very successful in Seattle. On December 29th, 2002 though, he had one of his best games ever as he led the Seahawks in a […]

A 400 Yard Rushing Day For The Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals came into pro football in the late 1960s and have had an up and down history ever since. The Bengals have had good years and bad, and have even made two Super Bowl appearances. They have had great players and great games, but on one day they had a rushing performance that […]