A Brief Look At Hawaiian Legend Herman Wedemeyer

Sometimes, ideas for posts don’t come from IQFB alone, sometimes they are inspired by other football fans out there. That happened just the other day when Marlene contacted us with this great little snippet: Add to your trivia: In 1945, the first Hawaiian born All-American Herman Wedemeyer a half-back at St. Mary’s College in CA. […]

Only Two Players Played In The AAFC, AFL, And The NFL

Playing in multiple professional football leagues is not an uncommon thing to do. In the late 1940s and into the 1950s, there are a great many players that played in the All American Football Conference (AAFC) and the National Football League. In the 1960s and 1970s, there are a lot of players that spent time […]

Rival Leagues Of The NFL

Rival Leagues of the NFL The National Football League is far and away the king when it comes to professional football. The popularity of the NFL has grown immensely in recent years, but it has been the main force in pro football since the 1920s. Every so often, a rival league will form to challenge […]

All-American Football Conference – Early Challenger To The NFL

All-American Football Conference – Early Challenger To The NFL In modern times it is hard to imagine a professional football league that could come along and compete with the National Football League. But, life for the NFL has not always been this way. In the 1980’s the USFL was there, in the 1970’s the WFL […]