The First Winning Season In Oakland Raiders History

The Oakland Raiders came into pro football in 1960 as one of the original franchises of the American Football League (AFL). Like many teams, they struggled in those early years, but they eventually came to be one of the more successful teams in football. What about their first winning season though? As a brand new […]

The Most Fumbles In One Season For The Houston Oilers

The Houston Oilers played from 1960 to 1996 before moving to Tennessee to eventually become the Oilers. During that time, who would hold the team’s single season record for most fumbles? Quarterback George Blanda fumbled the ball eight times in 1960, the team’s first year, and then tied his team record in 1963 when he […]

The First Game In American Football League History

The American Football League started in 1960 as a rival to the older and more established National Football League. The bulk of the ownership of the AFL was made up of investors who had desired purchasing an NFL team, but for various reasons were not able to. After all the planning and preparation, the first […]

The First Win Ever In New York Jets Franchise History

The New York Jets started their time in professional football as a charter member of the American Football League in 1960.  They were actually christened the New York Titans and didn’t change the team name to Jets until a couple of years later.  They have had a fascinating history that has included big wins, great […]

300 Yard Passing Games And The American Football League (AFL)

The American Football League came into existence in 1960 as a direct competitor of the National Football League. Originally they were not given a chance, but they stuck through some tough times and after a decade ended up merging with the NFL. One of the things that set this new league apart from the NFL […]

Great Games – The Oilers Billy Cannon Rips Up The New York Titans

On a early December day in 1961, just the second year of play in the old American Football League, the Houston Oilers came to the old Polo Grounds to play against the New York Titans.  The Titans, who would become the Jets a couple of years later, came into the game at 6-6 and the […]

Only Two Players Played In The AAFC, AFL, And The NFL

Playing in multiple professional football leagues is not an uncommon thing to do. In the late 1940s and into the 1950s, there are a great many players that played in the All American Football Conference (AAFC) and the National Football League. In the 1960s and 1970s, there are a lot of players that spent time […]

What Original AFL Franchise Is The Most Successful?

We recently received a great question from Brad in Massachusetts. He asked what franchise, of all the franchises that were part of the old American Football League (AFL), has gone on to experience the most success. Success is a subjective term that means different things to different people. All of the following information is based […]

Rival Leagues Of The NFL

Rival Leagues of the NFL The National Football League is far and away the king when it comes to professional football. The popularity of the NFL has grown immensely in recent years, but it has been the main force in pro football since the 1920s. Every so often, a rival league will form to challenge […]

Two Significant Early Wins For The Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos first season was with the American Football League in that leagues first season of operation, 1960. In fact, the Broncos are the only one of all ten of the AFL teams that merged into the NFL in 1970 that hasn’t changed its name or moved to a new location. The early Broncos, […]