The Five Highest Draft Picks Taken From The University Of Alabama

The University of Alabama has a rich football tradition that dates back to the early part of the 1900s. The Crimson Tide have been involved in some of the greatest games in college football history. They have also sent some truly great players on to play in the NFL. Who though were the five players […]

Who Did The Jets’ Joe Namath Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Joe Namath was an important and notable National Football League quarterback for a number of reasons. He helped the New York Jets reach a level of respectability for the first time in their history. He brought excitement and attention to the American Football League due to his actions and abilities. He also helped to get […]

Interesting Facts About All-Time Great Don Hutson

Don Hutson came into the National Football League in 1935 and made a huge impact on the entire game of football. He is generally regarded as the first modern wide receiver, as before his arrival the forward pass was not used as a regular part of most team’s offenses. His small size made some teams […]

Players Sent To The NFL From The University Of Alabama

The University of Alabama runs one of the most respected football programs in all of college football. Many great players at every position have entered the NFL out of Alabama. Here are some facts related to the players that the Crimson Tide has sent into the NFL. -Two players are tied for most NFL Pro […]