Ask IQFB: Top Ten Rookie Interception Seasons

We recently had a great question asked by a reader named Patrick in another thread. He asked: “Who are the Top 10 QBs for Interceptions thrown their Rookie Year.. everyone knows Manning was #1 at 28.. but who are the others on the list?” Well, there are some recognizable names on the list, and some […]

Ask IQFB: How Many Players Play For Just One Team?

An interesting question was raised by PeeWee via a comment on this thread. The question was: “With all of the banter surrounding Farve leaving the Packers, what is the percentage of NFL players to spend their entire career on just one teams roster??” I don’t have a way of checking for every player to ever […]

Who Is The Last Defunct Franchises In The NFL To Win A Championship

Here is a great question from Todd. He would like to know who is the last franchise that is no longer in existence to win an NFL Championship. Well, every team that has ever won a Super Bowl is still an active team in the league so that means we have to look back further […]

What Team Has Had The Most 90+ Yard Receptions In Their History

Well, we ask for questions to be asked and we certainly paid for it this time around. Ken, who didn’t include where he was from, would like to know which NFL team has had the most pass completions of 90 or more yards in their history. This one took awhile to dig up the answer […]

What Player Has Led The League In Rushing The Most Consecutive Years?

Another great question coming in from an IQFB reader. This time Marla from New York asks what player has led the league in rushing the most consecutive years. This question, as opposed to some that we get, is actually an easy one to answer. There are a few players who have led the league in […]

What Original AFL Franchise Is The Most Successful?

We recently received a great question from Brad in Massachusetts. He asked what franchise, of all the franchises that were part of the old American Football League (AFL), has gone on to experience the most success. Success is a subjective term that means different things to different people. All of the following information is based […]

A Correction To Our Tampa Bay Facts

Not really an answer, more like a correction. Krissy Knowitall recently sent a comment to us stating that we had a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fact wrong. We had originally included that two former Bucs starting quarterbacks had gone on to win Super Bowls with other teams (Doug Williams and Trent Dilfer), somehow we inadvertently left […]