20 Green Bay Packers Quarterback Fun Facts

The Green Bay Packers are one of the most tradition rich teams in the National Football League. They’ve had a number of great players over the years, including at the quarterback position. Here is a look at 20 fun facts about Green Bay Packers quarterbacks. -On January 1st, 2012, Matt Flynn set the new Green […]

Green Bay Packers Legend Bart Starr’s Favorite Receivers

Bart Starr was one of the many faces of the Green Bay Packers during their ultra successful run of championships and exceptional play during the 1960’s. He, along with his teammates, gave some of the best performances that pro football has ever seen. Over the course of his career, Starr threw 152 touchdown passes, who […]

The Green Bay Packers Bart Starr’s Awesome Post Season Record

Bart Starr had a great career as the leader of the Green Bay Packers during the late 1950’s and then through the 1960’s. He was a main cog in the Packers machine that rolled through opponents on the way to capturing multiple NFL championships. One of the many amazing things about Bart Starr, and the […]

The Lowest Drafted Player To Make It Into The Pro Football Hall Of Fame

Being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is one of the highest accolades that a player can achieve following the end of their NFL career. Most eventual Hall of Famers are selected fairly high in the draft as even in college their talents are obvious. There are those that blossom later and slip […]

The Most Career Touchdown Passes Thrown Against The Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings came into the NFL in 1961 and have had a fairly successful history in the league. Over the years they have had some successful offenses as well as some intimidating defenses. Since they’ve been in the league, who has thrown the most touchdown passes against the Minnesota Vikings? In fifth place on […]

Ask IQFB: How Many Players Play For Just One Team?

An interesting question was raised by PeeWee via a comment on this thread. The question was: “With all of the banter surrounding Farve leaving the Packers, what is the percentage of NFL players to spend their entire career on just one teams roster??” I don’t have a way of checking for every player to ever […]