Which Players Caught Just One TD Pass From Bob Griese Of The Miami Dolphins?

Bob Griese is a true NFL legend. He was quarterback of the Miami Dolphins during a time when they were truly the best team in the NFL. He played in a lot of big games over the years. He also threw a lot of touchdown passes. Many players caught a lot of touchdown passes thrown […]

Who Did Dolphins Quarterback Bob Griese Throw The Most TD Passes Against?

Bob Griese had a long NFL career and he was very successful too, ending up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Over the course of his career he played in some big games, set some records, and made some big throws. Which team though did Bob Griese throw the most touchdown passes against during […]

The Purdue Boilermakers Quarterbacks Who Have Been Selected In The NFL Draft

Purdue University has put out quite a few top quality football payers over the years. How many quarterbacks have they had taken in the NFL Draft though? Bob DeMoss – 1949 – NY Yanks – 2nd Round Dale Samuels – 1953 – Cardinals – 3rd Round Len Dawson – 1957 – Steelers – 1st Round […]

The Miami Dolphins Bob Griese And Who Were His Favorite Receivers

Bob Griese came to the Miami Dolphins as a highly rated rookie quarterback in 1967. He almost immediately started paying dividends and quickly became thought of as one of the better quarterbacks in the league. His place in history was cemented, thanks in large part to the very successful Miami Dolphins teams of the early […]

The Effect Of Bob Griese And Dan Marino On The Dolphins Career Passing Leaders

Two of the most important attributes that a coach or fans look for in a quarterback are their ability and their durability. Everyone wants a great quarterback, but if they’re never healthy it doesn’t help much. Similarly, everyone wants a long lasting quarterback, but if he isn’t any good then why hold onto him? There […]