20 Green Bay Packers Quarterback Fun Facts

The Green Bay Packers are one of the most tradition rich teams in the National Football League. They’ve had a number of great players over the years, including at the quarterback position. Here is a look at 20 fun facts about Green Bay Packers quarterbacks. -On January 1st, 2012, Matt Flynn set the new Green […]

Quarterbacks With Three Interception Games Over The Age Of 40

NFL quarterbacks often play past the age of 40. Those that do are usually either superstars ending their careers or very good ones who have transitioned to being backups. Today we’re taking a look at 40 year old quarterbacks who have had some pretty tough games. Throwing three or more interceptions in a game is […]

The First 40 Year Old Quarterback To Throw A TD Pass In A Season Opener

Aging is a tough thing in sports and it isn’t often that a player can continue to play well beyond the age of 40. The quarterback position, like the kicker, can sometimes be one of the positions where it can happen though. With that in mind, who was the first quarterback in NFL history to […]

An Interesting Fact About Brett Favre Going Over 70,000 Career Passing Yards

In Monday Night Football on October 11th, 2010, Brett Favre passed the 70,000 career passing yard milestone. Who did he join in that club? No one. He is the only quarterback in history to have gone over 70,000 yards passing in their career. In second place on the list is Dan Marino who threw for […]

The Ten Biggest Passing Days In Green Bay Packers History

Brett Favre has had a marvelous career with a number of standout performances. Most people think that the top ten passing performances in Packers history are probably all held by him. The truth is though that he holds just five of the ten spots, still very impressive. Here is a look at his best performances […]

Two Players Dominate The Single Season Touchdown Passing Category For Seven Straight Years

From 1992 through 1998, only two players were listed at the top of the yearly touchdown passing leaders category. Future Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Young led the league in touchdown passes from three straight years in the early 1990s. In 1992 he threw 25, in 1993 he threw 29, and in 1994 he […]

The Most Career Touchdown Passes Thrown Against The Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings came into the NFL in 1961 and have had a fairly successful history in the league. Over the years they have had some successful offenses as well as some intimidating defenses. Since they’ve been in the league, who has thrown the most touchdown passes against the Minnesota Vikings? In fifth place on […]

Brett Favre’s Favorite Receivers

photo credit: xoque Despite starting his career with the Atlanta Falcons, and finishing it with the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre will forever be associated with the Green Bay Packers. Over the course of his career, Brett Favre seems to have done it all. He has led the league in passing, won […]

The Green Bay Packers All-Time Leading Rusher At Quarterback

Here is a quick look at which Green Bay Packers quarterback has more rushing yards than any other. Most quarterback records in Green Bay are held by Brett Favre, but the leading rushing quarterback for the Packers is in fact Tobin Rote. During his time with the team, Favre rushed for 1,786 yards on 555 […]

Five Things You May Not Know About NFL Legend Brett Favre

Brett Favre has put together one of the best and most interesting NFL careers of nearly everyone that came before him. He was not the highest rated quarterback prospect coming out of college and spent his first season in the pros as a backup for the Atlanta Falcons. After a trade that brought him to […]