The Most Touchdowns Scored By A 22 Year Old In NFL History

In 1958, his second year in the NFL at the age of 22, on the way to leading his team to a 9-3 record, Jim Brown scored 18 touchdowns. He scored 17 on the ground that year and one on a reception. This set a new NFL record. The previous record for touchdowns scored in […]

Five Fun Facts About The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have a rich history and a passionate fan base. Here are five fun facts about this great pro football franchise. 1. When the All American Football Conference folded, three teams were taken into the National Footbal League: the Cleveland Browns, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Baltimore Colts. 2. The Cleveland Browns […]

Great Games – Jim Brown Runs All Over The Philadelphia Eagles In 1961

Jim Brown is a legendary NFL running back who, even though the vast majority of football fans around today never got to see play, is still acknowledged as one of the best ever. He put together some amazing years and had some amazing games. Here is a look at one of his greatest games ever. […]

Great Games – Jim Brown Runs All Over The Dallas Cowboys

Jim Brown had a number of awesome game performances during his career. He is still to this day regarded as one of the best, if not the best, running back to ever play the game. On September 22nd, 1963 in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas though, he had a great game that was just […]

22 Little Known Facts About Wide Receiver Keenan McCardell

Wide receiver had a great career that lasted nearly two full decades. He played for a few teams and was always known for having a lot of talent and giving a lot of effort. Quarterbacks loved throwing the ball to this quality receiver. Here is a look at 22 little known facts about wide receiver […]

An Interesting Fact Linking Hall Of Fame Coaches Don Shula And Chuck Noll.

Getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a player is hard enough. Getting into it as a coach is even harder. Hall of Fame coaches are leaders who not only had great success but were also able to keep it up over a long period of time. Two of the better coaches in […]

35 Interesting Facts About Quarterback Vinny Testaverde

Most football fans don’t consider Vinny Testaverde a great quarterback, but due to his talent and longevity he was able to retire with statistics that match up with some of the all time greats. Testaverde came out of college as a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback from the University of Miami. He was drafted number one […]

The Favorite Receivers Of Vinny Testaverde

Vinny Testaverde had an exceptionally long and very interesting career in the National Football League. He came into the league as a highly touted Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. By the midpoint of his career, many felt that he was largely an average player at best. Testaverde somewhat blossomed in the last third of his career […]

The Most 3000 Yard Passing Seasons In Cleveland Browns History

One of the ways that many people measure the effectiveness of a quarterback is by judging whether he threw for 3,000 yards during a particular season or how many 3,000 yard seasons he put together during his career. The Cleveland Browns have been around since the 1950’s, and through those years they have had some […]

Cleveland Fans Don’t Wait Long For The First Winning Season In Franchise History

The Cleveland Browns are not among the oldest franchises in pro football history, but they can trace their team back to the years following World War II. Starting a franchise from scratch is a tough thing to do because assembling talent from a selection of players that are not already part of other teams can […]