Five Little Known Facts About Cam Newton

Cam Newton came out of Auburn as the highly rated Heisman Trophy winning quarterback out of Auburn University in 2011. The Carolina Panthers made him the number one overall pick in the draft and expectations were very high. Newton fulfilled many of those expectations by proving right away that he had what it takes to […]

Five Little Known Facts About Wide Receiver Steve Smith

Steve Smith starred throughout the 2000’s as one of best threats the Carolina Panthers had. He is now finishing his career with his second, and he says final, season with the Baltimore Ravens. Here is a look at some little known facts about this great player. Quite A Pair Steve Smith began his college football […]

10 Fun Facts About Cam Newton Touchdown Passes

Cam Newton was highly rated coming out of Auburn in 2011 and the Panthers wasted no time in picking him with the top selection that year in the NFL Draft. He’s thrown quite a few TD passes in his career already. Here is a look at 10 fun facts about Cam Newton’s TD passes in […]

NFL Firsts: Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton came into the National Football League and made a big splash. He’s amassed a great many fans too, thanks to his all out style of play and tons of success on the field. Here is a look at some of his more significant NFL firsts. First Win Cam Newton got his first win […]