10 Fun Facts About The Touchdown Passes Of Vince Ferragamo

Vince Ferragamo came out of the University of Nebraska with high hopes for a great NFL career. In his third season, he led the underdog Los Angeles Rams all the was to Super Bowl XIV, falling to the Pittsburgh Steelers. After just three seasons in the league, he left for a year with the Montreal […]

10 Fun Facts About The TD Passes Of Warren Moon

Warren Moon was a Hall of Fame quarterback that took an interesting path during his career. Starting out in the Canadian Football League before finding a home with the Houston Oilers, he would go on to set several team and league records while running one of the high powered offenses of the era. Here is […]

Who Did The Great Doug Flutie Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Doug Flutie was extremely popular as the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback out of Boston College University in the early 1980’s. Upon entering the NFL though he didn’t find immediate success. He then spent a number of years as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the Canadian Football League before returning for a […]

The Canadian Football Act Of 1974 And The Memphis Southmen

The World Football League came on the scene in 1974 with the hopes of becoming a big time competitor of the National Football League. The league made a big splash by signing a number of big name NFL stars away too. Though the league just lasted two seasons it is remembered fondly by those who […]

The Strange Beginning To Patriots’ Great Gino Cappelletti’s Professional Career

Gino Cappelletti is famous as one of the great early Patriots players. The Patriots were formed in 1960 as the Boston Patriots and Cappelletti became one of the team’s first stars. He played wide receiver and kicker and by the time his career was over he was the team’s all time leading scorer, he would […]

IQFB Profile: CFL and Rams Quarterback Dieter Brock

Dieter Brock is often overlooked by many football fans, but the circumstances surrounding his career are very interesting to say the least. Rams fans remember him for leading them to the NFC Championship game following the 1985 NFL season. Curiously, this was his only season in the league, but not in professional football. Dieter Brock […]

Rival Leagues Of The NFL

Rival Leagues of the NFL The National Football League is far and away the king when it comes to professional football. The popularity of the NFL has grown immensely in recent years, but it has been the main force in pro football since the 1920s. Every so often, a rival league will form to challenge […]