21 Fun Facts About The Cotton Bowl Classic

The Cotton Bowl Classic is an institution in American sports. Here is a look at a nice list of interesting info and fun facts about this great college football bowl game. -From 1937 through 2009 the game was played in the Cotton Bowl, a Dallas stadium that shared its name and is located on the […]

The Kansas City Chiefs Have Only Called Three Stadiums Home

Home field advantage is real in the NFL, as it is in many other sports. A team can get used to certain oddities or condition of their home field that their opponents either won’t know about or won’t be as ready for. A team’s home field is also just a lot more comfortable to play […]

20 Interesting Facts About The Cotton Bowl

The Cotton Bowl is located in Dallas, Texas and is one of the most storied stadiums in college football history. It has been the site of some great and memorable games over the years, with many players who have become legends in football having at one time or another played at the Cotton Bowl. It […]