The First Win In Houston Texans History

Sooner or later, every franchise in the NFL has to get their first win. When most teams start out they are not loaded with the kind of talent it takes to incredibly successful. The Houston Texans came into the league in 2002. When and against who did they get their first win against? The first […]

Who Leads The Carolina Panthers In Rushing From The Quarterback Position?

Running quarterbacks don’t come around every day, but they can make a football team’s offense a little bit more hard to handle from the defensive perspective. Quarterbacks aren’t always known for their rushing ability, most prefer to see the long bomb or the well timed throw. Which Carolina Panthers quarterback has rushed for more yards […]

Players Who Have Led The League In Fumbles In Back-To-Back Years

Leading the league in fumbles is not something to be proud of. Doing it in back-to-back years is dominating a statistical category like few others have. Here is a list of the NFL players who have led the league in fumbles in back-to-back years: David Carr (Houston 2005,Houston 2006) Daunte Culpepper (Minnesota 2002, Minnesota 2003) […]