Five Things You May Not Know About Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is the loudspoken focal points of the Seattle Seahawks defense. He’s never shy of speaking his mind and has always done a great job of backing it up on the field. He’s turned himself into one of the best defensive backs in the league along the way too. Here are five things you […]

NFL Firsts: Defensive Back Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is famous as the loud and outspoken Seattle Seahawks defensive back. Intelligent on and off the field, he always has something to say. Here is a quick look at five interesting firsts in Richard Sherman’s NFL career. Richard Sherman’s First Interception It was in a 34-12 Seahawks loss to the Bengals on October […]

The Ten Oldest Players To Ever Lead The League In Interceptions

Football is a young man’s game. The athletic abilities needed to play the game at the highest level are often gone by the time a player reaches their upper 30’s, although there are examples of players playing effectively well into their 40’s. One of the most athletic positions is defensive back where players need to […]

Who Has Scored The Most Defensive Touchdowns In Philadelphia Eagles History?

Defensive touchdowns are a great luxury to have and can really change the complexion of a ballgame. It is hard enough to stop the opposing offense from scoring touchdowns, but if the defense starts in on it, it could be hopeless. The Philadelphia Eagles have had some great defenses, both in more recent times as […]

Only Two Players Ever Scored Two Safeties In Their Rookie Season

Scoring a safety is not the easiest thing to do. First, the ball has to be near the goal line, and then the quarterback or running back has to be tackled in the end zone. There are other ways to get a safety too that involve punt and kick returners, punters, and more. The main […]

Bears Defensive Back Mike Brown Does Something No One Else Has

One of the most exciting plays in football is an interception returned for a touchdown. This is especially true when the interception takes place in overtime. More than 30 players in NFL history have returned interceptions for touchdowns in over. But, has anyone done it more than once? Chicago Bears Mike Brown is the only […]

Interesting Facts About Washington Redskins Great Darrell Green

Darrell Green was regarded as an amazying physical specimen during his time in the National Football League. The NFL is a demanding sport and it is hard to play most positions for two decades. Cornerback is particularly demanding because oer time a player loses speed and then is not nearly as effective as they once […]

IQFB Profile: Dick LeBeau

IQFB Profile: Dick LeBeau Dick LeBeau is probably most famous these days as a great football coach. He has been on the staffs of a number of very successful teams and is a highly regarded defensive coordinator. LeBeau played his whole career with the Detroit Lions and was regarded as one of the better defensive […]