Have The Miami Dolphins Given Up Any 300 Yard Games To A Rookie Quarterback?

The measure of a good game for a quarterback is accumulating 300 yards passing. The Miami Dolphins have had some great defenses over the years but have they ever given up a 300 yard passing game to an opposing rookie quarterback? Yes, they have. In 1970, the Dolphins would beat the Buffalo Bills 33-14 and […]

The Best Rookie Quarterbacks In Miami Dolphins History

It seems like the Miami Dolphins are always known for having one of the best passing games in the league. They’ve had some pretty good players over the years at the position of quarterback. Rookie quarterbacks don’t always have the easiest time in the NFL, but who have been the best rookie quarterbacks in Miami […]

Five Fun Facts About The Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have a rich history and a lot of passionate fans. If you are a fan of this great team, you may 1. Miami Dolphins quarterback David Woodley joined an exclusive club in 1982 when during one NFL season he scored touchdowns by passing, rushing, and receiving. 2. The first player to win […]

Three Stats Miami Dolphins Great Dan Marino Would Like To Forget

Dan Marino was one of the most statistically dominant players ever to play in the National Football League. At the time of his retirement, he held nearly every major passing record in the league. That isn’t to say that the man was perfect though, here is a look at three stats that the most famous […]

The Favorite Receivers Of Miami Dolphins Quarterback Dan Marino

Few quarterbacks even come close to the career numbers that the great Dan Marino was able to put up during his career. He began his career in 1983 and retired following the 1999 season. He played each of his years in the National Football League with the Miami Dolphins and when he retired he held […]

The Most 1,000 Yard Receiving Seasons In Miami Dolphins History

The Miami Dolphins seemingly have always had a reputation as a great passing team. This has partially been the case because of how their passing game was while Bob Griese was there in the 1970s and Dan Marino was there in the 1980s and 1990s. What about the guys catching all those passes though? Having […]

The Greatest Games Of The Miami Dolphins Dan Marino

One of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the National Football League wore number 13 for the Miami Dolphins. At the time of his retirement, Dan Marino held nearly every major passing record. Though he never won a Super Bowl, he was one of the most successful quarterbacks in league history. Over the course […]

How Many Times Have The Miami Dolphins Given Up 100 Yards Rushing To A Rookie?

The Miami Dolphins have been one of the more successful teams in NFL history. This has come because over the years they have had great offenses that can put up serious points, but they have also had great defenses. Defenses pride themselves on stuffing the run. Running backs pride themselves on breaking the 100 yard […]

11 Fun Facts About Quarterback Chad Pennington

Chad Pennington is a talented quarterback who had a long problem with injuries. He played for both the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins before recently announcing a delay in his comeback from an injury which will allow him to spend time in the broadcast booth for FOX. Whether he is able to come […]

Taking A Look At The Career Of Bill Parcells

With a career record of 172-130-1 and two Super Bowl victories, Bill Parcells will go down as one of the better head coaches in modern time. Famous for his gruff demeanor and no nonsense approach, Parcells was routinely either loved or hated by his players. Bill Parcells finished his football playing days as a linebacker […]