The Top Five Quarterbacks In Dallas Cowboys History

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the more popular football teams in the National Football League. Over the years they have had a number of great quarterbacks. Who though are statistically the top five quarterbacks the team has ever had? Touchdown Passes The Cowboys top five quarterbacks when ranked by touchdown passes are Troy Aikman, […]

The Dallas Cowboys All-Time Leading Rusher At Quarterback

Having a running quarterback can sometimes change the way a game goes dramatically, but there are not that many really good running quarterbacks out there. In the history of the Dallas Cowboys, who has gained the most yards rushing at the quarterback position? The answer is the legendary Roger Staubach. Roger Staubach rushed the ball […]

21 Little Known Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Facts

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular football franchises out there. The players that play quarterback for the Cowboys are almost always some of the most popular players in the league. Here is a look at a selection of 21 little known Dallas Cowboys quarterback facts. -Eddie LeBaron and Danny White are tied […]