The Top Five Passing Days In Philadelphia Eagles History

The Philadelphia Eagles have had a long run as a professional football team that dates back to the early days of the NFL.  Through that time they have had some great players suit up in the familiar green and white jerseys.  What quarterbacks though have had the best passing days in team history? Here they […]

Donovan McNabb Joining The Redskins

One of the more interesting roster moves in the 2010 off season occurred between division rivals the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles. Donovan McNabb went from the Eagles where he has had a very long and successful career and will now be playing for the Redskins. At first glance, this is notable because it […]

The Eagles And Redskins Donovan McNabb’s Favorite Receivers

One of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League during the 2000’s was Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles. McNabb made a number of big plays and played in some of the decade’s biggest games. His Eagles teams were always exciting and he was a big part of the reason why. Even though he […]

The One-Team Quarterbacks In The All-Time Top 50

With the way professional football is these days, it is very hard to imagine there being too many one team quarterbacks anymore. Here we are going to look at the All-Time Top 50 quarterbacks (through the 2008 season), in terms of passing yardage gained, and see who on the list spent their entire careers with […]

Ask IQFB: How Many Players Play For Just One Team?

An interesting question was raised by PeeWee via a comment on this thread. The question was: “With all of the banter surrounding Farve leaving the Packers, what is the percentage of NFL players to spend their entire career on just one teams roster??” I don’t have a way of checking for every player to ever […]

Interesting Info About Michael Vick And The Philadelphia Eagles

The big NFL news recently was Michael Vick’s signing with the Philadelphia Eagles.  This is a pretty big happening and provides for some interesting story lines in the City of Brotherly Love.  Despite a long successful career, Donovan McNabb has always had a love/hate relationship with a healthy chunk of Eagles fans out there.  If […]