Who Has Scored The Most NFL Touchdowns As A 23 Year Old?

You can’t win an NFL game unless you’re putting points on the board and a lot of times that means touchdowns. We’ve looked before at who has scored the most touchdowns in NFL history as a 20, 21, and 22 year old. Today, let’s look at who has scored the most TDs as a 23 […]

Dallas Cowboys 100 Yard Rushing Game Facts

One of the most common gauges used to measure whether a running back had an effective game or not continues to be the 100 yard game. Here is a look at some fun facts about the Dallas Cowboys and 100 yard rushing games. -The first 100 yard rushing game in Dallas Cowboys history came on […]

The Five Best Running Back Seasons In Dallas Cowboys History

The Dallas Cowboys have been extremely successful in the NFL, pretty much from their early days in the league. One of the main ingredients to the Cowboys teams of the past has been great running backs and productive rushing seasons. With all the men who have suited up for them at the position though, who […]

The Most 1000 Yard Rushing Seasons In Dallas Cowboys History

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular teams in professional football and have been thought of that way for decades. They have played in and won some big games over the years, but what has really endeared them to fans is the great players that have been on the team. Those players have […]

Emmitt Smith’s First Game Ever ? Not A Sign Of Things To Come

It goes without saying that Emmitt Smith was one of the best players to ever play football in the National Football League. He retired as the all time leading rusher in league history, scored more rushing touchdowns than any other running back ever, and had three Super Bowl rings. Let’s take a look at how […]

Who Has Led The Dallas Cowboys In Rushing The Most Seasons?

The Dallas Cowboys have been one of the most popular teams in the National Football League since the 1970s when they became America’s Team. Over the years, the team has had some great running backs, some of whom played a long time in Dallas. What running back has led the Cowboys in rushing the most […]

Dallas Cowboys Great Troy Aikman’s Favorite Receivers

The Dallas Cowboys have had a number of popular and very good quarterbacks during their relatively short history in the National Football League. Troy Aikman is one of the most loved quarterbacks the team has ever had. During his career he played in some incredible games and threw a lot of touchdown passes. Who were […]

Most Rushing Touchdowns Scored By Quarter

Emmitt Smith has scored more rushing touchdowns than anyone else in National Football League history. Who has scored the most rushing touchdowns by quarter though? Here is a look at the leading rushing touchdown scorers by quarter. 1st Qtr Emmitt Smith 35 LaDainian Tomlinson 34 Marshall Faulk 32 2nd Qtr Emmitt Smith 45 LaDainian Tomlinson […]

Who Has Scored The Most Rushing Touchdowns Against Each Team – The NFC

Some time ago we took a look at who holds the record for career touchdown passes thrown against each team. We’ve been asked to explore that same subject from the perspective of rushing touchdowns. Here are the career rushing touchdown leaders vs. each team in the NFC. Check back soon for the career rushing touchdown […]

Who Has The Most Rushing Touchdowns By Distance?

It is common knowledge that Emmitt Smith is the career leader in rushing touchdowns scored in the NFL, but who has scored the most touchdowns by distance? A couple of weeks ago we tackled this same issue regarding what quarterback has thrown the most touchdown passes by distance. You can view that study here: Passing […]