Little Known Facts About Former Denver Broncos Running Back Floyd Little

Little Known Facts: Floyd Little Floyd Little is one of the all time great running backs, not just of the Denver Broncos, but also representing both the AFL and NFL too. Here is a look at some little known info about this great player. -Floyd Little stood just five feet ten inches tall and weighed […]

IQFB Profile: Floyd Little

IQFB Profile: Floyd Little Floyd Little is best known as the first big star player the Denver Broncos ever had. He came to the team in 1967, after the Broncos had been members of the American Football League (AFL) for seven seasons. Little went on to play multiple positions and have a very productive career […]

Pro Football Hall of Fame Seniors Committee Nominates Two Finalists For Possible Inducation In 2010

The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Seniors Committee has named two players to be considered for nomination to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2010. These two players will join the other eligible finalists and be subject to the same voting procedure as them. This means that they will have to get the […]