The Most 1000 Yard Receiving Seasons In Raiders History

The Oakland Raiders have been a wildly successful football franchise at a number of different times during their history. The team came into being in the American Football League of the 1960’s and went on to win league titles in that decade, as well as multiple other decades too. They did this by putting together […]

Oakland Raiders Great Daryle Lamonica’s Favorite Receivers

Daryle Lamonica was the first real star quarterback for the Oakland Raiders. He came on in the 1960’s and really helped put the team on the map. He had a strong arm and was not afraid to show it off by heaving the ball downfield, just like coach and owner Al Davis wanted. Lamonica’s long […]

The One-Team Wide Receivers In The All-Time Top 50

It is rare these days for a player, no matter how good they are, to play their entire career with just one NFL team. With that in mind, we’re looking today at which wide receivers on the All-Time Top 50 Career Receiving Yards list (through the 2008 season) played their entire careers with just one […]