The Top Fumble Seasons In Oakland Raiders History

No one likes to see a fumble. Not the head coach, not teammates on the sidelines, and not the fans at home. The Oakland Raiders have been playing football since 1960. Over the years, who is the team’s career leader in fumbles as of 2016? Fifth Place: Jim Plunkett (TIE) Jim Plunkett first made national […]

The New York Jets Career Leader In Fumbles

Nobody wants to ever lead their team in fumbles. Whether it’s an all time record or a single season mark, it’s just not the kind of team record you want to see your name against. It’s not always all negative though, to be some team’s leader in fumbles you do have to have a lengthy […]

The Top Fumbler Ever For The New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are a great team who have accomplished some amazing feats over the years. They have done so because of a solid front office, intelligent coaching staff, and some great players. We could look at which of those players have had some of the best rushing, passing, or receiving seasons ever, but […]

Ask IQFB: Most Fumbles Returned For A Touchdown In One Game

Judy sent us an email the other day, asking a question about fumbles. “What is the most fumbles returned for a touchdown one teams has ever had in a game.” Well, Judy, after exploring game records back to 1940, it looks like no team has ever returned more than two fumbles for a touchdown in […]

The Top Ten Fumblers To Play For The City Of New York

Fumbling the ball is just part of the game. A bad part of the game, but still a part of the game. When a player plays on the big stage, representing the city of New York, there is a lot of pressure, and pressure can lead to mistakes. Who are the top ten fumblers to […]

Top Ten Rookie Fumblers In NFL History

We recently had a question about who was on the top ten list for most interceptions in their rookie season. That spurred us onto a list of the top rookie fumblers of all time. Here they are, the top 20 rookie fumblers ever: Tony Banks – Rams – 1996 – 21 Fumbles David Carr – […]

Players Who Have Led The League In Fumbles In Back-To-Back Years

Leading the league in fumbles is not something to be proud of. Doing it in back-to-back years is dominating a statistical category like few others have. Here is a list of the NFL players who have led the league in fumbles in back-to-back years: David Carr (Houston 2005,Houston 2006) Daunte Culpepper (Minnesota 2002, Minnesota 2003) […]