The Most Touchdowns Scored By A 22 Year Old In NFL History

In 1958, his second year in the NFL at the age of 22, on the way to leading his team to a 9-3 record, Jim Brown scored 18 touchdowns. He scored 17 on the ground that year and one on a reception. This set a new NFL record. The previous record for touchdowns scored in […]

The Most Rushing Yards Without A Touchdown In NFL History

When a running back has a great game, it is usually assumed he has broken the 100 yard mark.  A particularly great performance might even see the running back game more than 150 yards.  Some running backs even go over the 200 yard mark in a game and that is generally considered to be a […]

Who Are Top Touchdown Scorers As Rookies?

Only two players in the history of the NFL have ever scored 20 or more touchdowns during their rookie season in the league. To dominate like this during a player’s first season playing at the highest level is something that is fairly incredible. In 1983, Eric Dickerson burst onto the scene out of Southern Methodist […]