Five Fun Facts About Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy

The Green Bay Packers have been known for having some of the most notable head coaches in league history, including names like Curly Lambeau, Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, Forrest Gregg, and Mike Holmgren. 2006 saw the Packers get a new head coach by the name of Mike McCarthy. Here is a look at five fun […]

Five Fun Facts About NFL Head Coach Jack Pardee

Jack Pardee had a long career in the NFL that included playing from 1957 to 1970 with the Los Angeles Rams and then with the Washington Redskins from 1971 to 1973. He was a full time linebacker who also saw occasional time at fullback. He was a hard working player who always had the respect […]

The Amazing Coaching Accomplishment Of The Oilers Lou Rymkus

Lou Rymkus is not a household name, but he accomplished something in professional football that no one else has. Rymkus played college football at Notre Dame and then came into the National Football League where he played both offensive and defensive tackle for the Redskins in 1943 and then the Cleveland Browns from 1946 to […]

30 Interesting Facts About Raiders And Buccaneers Coach Jon Gruden

Jon Gruden is a very successful football coach with experience in both the college and professional ranks. He has had success with the Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is known to many as a very knowledgeable football broadcaster too. Like many coaches, Gruden has held a number of positions with a number of […]

Looking Back At The Career Of Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin, winning coach of Super Bowl XLII, has had a long and distinguished coaching career. Always known as a hard nosed disciplinarian, Coughlin’s tough outer shell has also earned him much respect and devotion from a select group of players. Coughlin played wingback at Syracuse University in the late 1960’s where he set the […]

Mid-Season Coaching Changes In The National Football League

As opposed to baseball, basketball, and hockey… it is somewhat unusual for an NFL team to change coaches during the season. This is mainly due to their only being 16 regular season games in the NFL where other sports have many more than that. There are 32 teams in the NFL and since the 1970 […]

Taking A Look At The Career Of Bill Parcells

With a career record of 172-130-1 and two Super Bowl victories, Bill Parcells will go down as one of the better head coaches in modern time. Famous for his gruff demeanor and no nonsense approach, Parcells was routinely either loved or hated by his players. Bill Parcells finished his football playing days as a linebacker […]

Patient Ownership In The Past… A Thing Of The Past?

In today’s hire-and-fire world of pro football it is rare to see a head coach suffer through more than a few sub .500 seasons without being fired. Often we have to wonder what that coach could’ve developed into or accomplished with that team if the ownership had exhibited a little more patience. Depending on the […]

One Team Coaches In The Pro Football Hall Of Fame

When you look at the job history of the head coaches that have made it to the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame, you see that for the most part they have coached a number of different teams. It is rare that a first-time head coach will have immediate success enough to insure that he keeps one job […]

Interesting Facts About NFL Head Coach Dick Vermeil

Dick Vermeil was a very successful head football coach that succeeded on a number of different levels. His Philadelphia Eagles appeared in and lost the 1980 Super Bowl to the Oakland Raiders and his 1999 St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl over the Tennessee Titans. Vermeil also had a successful career as a football […]