Quarterbacks With Three Interception Games Over The Age Of 40

NFL quarterbacks often play past the age of 40. Those that do are usually either superstars ending their careers or very good ones who have transitioned to being backups. Today we’re taking a look at 40 year old quarterbacks who have had some pretty tough games. Throwing three or more interceptions in a game is […]

The Ten Oldest Players To Ever Lead The League In Interceptions

Football is a young man’s game. The athletic abilities needed to play the game at the highest level are often gone by the time a player reaches their upper 30’s, although there are examples of players playing effectively well into their 40’s. One of the most athletic positions is defensive back where players need to […]

Who Has Scored The Most Defensive Touchdowns In Philadelphia Eagles History?

Defensive touchdowns are a great luxury to have and can really change the complexion of a ballgame. It is hard enough to stop the opposing offense from scoring touchdowns, but if the defense starts in on it, it could be hopeless. The Philadelphia Eagles have had some great defenses, both in more recent times as […]

Bears Defensive Back Mike Brown Does Something No One Else Has

One of the most exciting plays in football is an interception returned for a touchdown. This is especially true when the interception takes place in overtime. More than 30 players in NFL history have returned interceptions for touchdowns in over. But, has anyone done it more than once? Chicago Bears Mike Brown is the only […]

Players Who Have Led The NFL In Interceptions In Back-To-Back Years

There are a number of statistical categories that reflect positively on a quarterback, but interceptions is usually not one of them. Leading the league in interceptions thrown in a season is not something to be proud of. Who has managed to do it two years in a row though? NFL quarterbacks who have led the […]

Who Threw The Most Interceptions During Their Final Season In The NFL?

Today we’re taking a look at what players have thrown the most interceptions in their last year in the league. To make sure that we don’t include anyone who just played one or two years in the league, we’ll add the stipulation that the list will only include quarterbacks who had the last season of […]

The Top Ten Active Leaders In Throwing Interceptions

Interceptions are not a great statistic when you’re a quarterback. They do happen to come with the job though. The truth is, the more passes that are thrown, the more chance that an interception will occur. Let’s take a look at the top ten active leaders in interceptions thrown right now. Top Ten Interception Throwers […]

The Shortest Interception Return That Ended Up Being The Longest In A Season

Most of the time when we think of the longest interception of the year we picture someone grabbing a pass out of the air and returning it from goal line to goal line for a touchdown. Not all interceptions take place that way though. Sometimes, even the longest interception of the year, isn’t near as […]

300+ Interception Return Yards In A Season

Its one thing to intercept a pass, but quite another to get some serious return yardage out of it. Only four people in the history of the league have managed to accumulate more than 300 yards in interception return yardage. 1949 – Don Doll – Detroit Lions – 301 Yards 1961 – Charlie McNeil – […]

A Few Things About Interceptions Returned For 100 Yards Or More

Interceptions are one the more exciting things in pro football, especially when the ball is picked off in the end zone and returned all the way down the field for a touchdown. These interception returns of 100 or more yards stand out because athletically they are often stunning to watch, in terms of morale it […]