IQFB Profile: Dick LeBeau

IQFB Profile: Dick LeBeau Dick LeBeau is probably most famous these days as a great football coach. He has been on the staffs of a number of very successful teams and is a highly regarded defensive coordinator. LeBeau played his whole career with the Detroit Lions and was regarded as one of the better defensive […]

IQFB Profile: Floyd Little

IQFB Profile: Floyd Little Floyd Little is best known as the first big star player the Denver Broncos ever had. He came to the team in 1967, after the Broncos had been members of the American Football League (AFL) for seven seasons. Little went on to play multiple positions and have a very productive career […]

IQFB Profile: Robert Kraft

The New England Patriots have become one of the most successful franchises in National Football League history. This was not always the case as in the thirty four years the team existed before being purchased by Robert Kraft in 1994 the most wins they had accumulated was eleven. Since Kraft’s purchase of the team, they […]

IQFB Profile: Ernie Holmes

Ernie Holmes was an integral member of the 1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers Steel Curtain Defense. He played on the defensive line alongside all-time greats Mean Joe Greene, L.C. Greenwood, and Dwight White for six seasons, from 1972-1977. Holmes was known as a wild man, shocking the public with everything from having a large arrow shaved in […]