The Denver Broncos Have Taken Just Three Quarterbacks In The First Round Of The NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is probably the most looked forward to off season event by football fans and teams. It is through the draft that a team has the best chance to build or rebuild their roster. Most of the focus in the draft is looking at what team can pick up a real game changing […]

Decade By Decade: The Quarterbacks Of The Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are one of the more popular teams in the National Football League. They have experienced ups and downs in terms of success as a team over the years, but their fans have remained fiercely loyal. The most famous player in Broncos history is easily quarterback John Elway who led the team to […]

The Five Biggest Passing Days In Chicago Bears History

The Chicago Bears have had some great players over the years, but most of the attention has historically been on the team’s defensive players or their running backs.  Here is a look at the five biggest passing days in Chicago Bears history and the men who made it happen. #1 – Billy Wade – 1962 […]

31 Fun Facts About Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is the quarterback of the Chicago Bears and he is looked at as one of the better young quarterbacks in the league. He came on and showed real promise right from the start in Denver and after being traded to Chicago, fans of the Bears have hoped he can take them to the […]

The Denver Broncos All-Time Rushing Leader At Quarterback

Here is a look at the rushing abilities of the players who have played quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Which Denver Broncos quarterback has gained more rushing yards than any other? The answer is John Elway. During his long career with the Broncos, John Elway rushed 774 times for 3,407 yards. He scored 33 touchdowns, […]

Quarterbacks Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler Swap Teams

Well, the blockbuster trade that everyone has been expecting to take place anytime finally happened.  The Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears swapped quarterbacks today with Kyle Orton and multiple draft picks going from Chicago to Denver for quarterback Jay Cutler. This trade significantly upgrades the Bears at the quarterback position and leaves the Broncos with […]