The Best Rookie Quarterback In San Francisco 49ers History

Every team in the NFL would love to find a great quarterback. Having one of the best quarterbacks in the league seems to make life easier for the rest of the offense, the defense, and even the coaching staff. These types of players don’t come along often, and it is even more rare for them […]

13 Quarterbacks You May Not Realize Have Had 4,000 Yard Seasons

When a quarterback has a 3,000 yard season, it is generally considered that they have been very effective running their team’s passing game. A quarterback who passes for more than 4,000 yards in a season though has really done something exceptional. Needless to say, the list of quarterbacks who have accomplished this includes some of […]

The Top Ten Winningest Quarterbacks In San Francisco 49ers History

The San Francisco 49ers are a great NFL franchise that has experienced ups and downs throughout their team history. The team had some long dry spells, but have also spent a great deal of time at or near the top of the league as well. The large amount of big games they have been involved […]

The San Francisco 49ers All-Time Leading Rusher At Quarterback

Although most football fans, and especially fans of the San Francisco 49ers, can probably easily guess the answer, we’ll ask it anyway. Who is the quarterback who has rushed for more yards than any other quarterback in San Francisco 49ers history? The answer is of course Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Young. In fact, […]

What Team Has Gone The Longest Without A Pro Bowl Quarterback?

Here’s a good question submitted to us by Matt in Washington State. Matt wants to know which team has gone the longest without a Pro Bowl quarterback? Quarterbacks are pretty important to the overall success of a football team, and making the Pro Bowl is a good sign that a team has a quarterback that […]

Let’s Look At Jeff Garcia

Let’s Look At Jeff Garcia – No Respect Now and then there are players, though they may not be the greatest players in the league, they are consistent and put up good numbers while experiencing at least a decent amount of success. Some of these players, though moderately successful, end up seeming to not get […]