The Arizona Cardinals Quarterback With The Most Wins In Team History

The Cardinals franchise is one of the oldest teams in the National Football League, dating back to the 1920 season. Through the years, the team has had good and bad results, and they have also played in three different cities: Chicago, St. Louis, and Phoenix. The team has had a number of highly thought of […]

The Winningest Quarterbacks In Arizona Cardinals History

The Arizona Cardinals are one of the oldest franchises in the National Football League. They started out in 1920 and have been based in Chicago, St. Louis, and Phoenix over the years. During that time, the Cardinals have had some great years and also quite a few down years too. Like all teams, a lot […]

The Arizona Cardinals All-Time Leading Rusher At Quarterback

It’s a simple fact that some quarterbacks can run with the ball much better than others. Finding a high quality running quarterback can be tough though. What Cardinals quarterback has rushed for more yards than any other? The answer is technically Pro Football Hall of Famer Charlie Trippi, but he also played halfback during his […]

The Cardinals And Jim Hart’s Amazing Run In The Sack Percentage Category

Sack percentage is a statistic that is not followed very closely by many football fans. The percentage basically tracks how often a quarterback is sacked based on how many times he drops back to pass. It is figured out statistically as the number of times sacked divided by the quarterbacks passing attempts plus times sacked […]