10 Fun Facts About The TD Passes Of Jim Plunkett

Jim Plunkett is famous as the Super Bowl winning quarterback of the Oakland Raiders. He took an unusual route to reach that position but Raiders fans are sure glad he ended up playing for their team. Over the years, he threw a lot of touchdown passes. Here are some fun facts related to those scoring […]

The Winningest Quarterback In Oakland Raiders History

The Oakland Raiders came into the football as a charter member of the American Football League in 1960. They quickly gained a reputation as a throwing team and have really kept that throughout their history. What quarterback though has won the most games in a Raiders uniform? The winningest quarterback in Oakland Raiders history is […]

Oakland Raiders Great Jim Plunkett’s Favorite Receivers

Jim Plunkett had one of the more interesting careers a quarterback can have. He came out of Stanford University highly rated and having just won the Heisman Trophy. The New England Patriots drafted him and expected big things. Plunkett was a good player for the Patriots, but never really lived up to expectations. They also […]

The Best Oakland Raiders Quarterback Of All Time

One of the most popular football teams in the history of the National Football League is the Oakland Raiders. While it is true that the Raiders have suffered through some tough times of late, they continue to have tons of fans from all corners of the country. When it comes to popularity and the sport […]

Oakland Raiders Quarterback Jim Plunkett’s Favorite Receivers

Jim Plunkett was a big name in college football in the late 1960s. He won the Heisman Trophy, awarded yearly to the best college football player in the nation, in his senior season at Stanford University. Many high level football people rated Plunkett as possibly the best pro quarterback prospect of all time. He was […]