The New York Jets Career Leader In Fumbles

Nobody wants to ever lead their team in fumbles. Whether it’s an all time record or a single season mark, it’s just not the kind of team record you want to see your name against. It’s not always all negative though, to be some team’s leader in fumbles you do have to have a lengthy […]

13 Quarterbacks You May Not Realize Have Had 4,000 Yard Seasons

When a quarterback has a 3,000 yard season, it is generally considered that they have been very effective running their team’s passing game. A quarterback who passes for more than 4,000 yards in a season though has really done something exceptional. Needless to say, the list of quarterbacks who have accomplished this includes some of […]

Quarterbacks Drafted In The First Round By The Cardinals

When it comes to the NFL Draft, every team wants to grab a difference maker. Most also feel that one of the most important positions to get a good player at is quarterback. This is a good thought, but you still have to draft the right one. The Arizona Cardinals, and the Cardinals franchise from […]

Who Did The Jets’ Joe Namath Throw The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Joe Namath was an important and notable National Football League quarterback for a number of reasons. He helped the New York Jets reach a level of respectability for the first time in their history. He brought excitement and attention to the American Football League due to his actions and abilities. He also helped to get […]

The Most 50+ Yard Touchdown Passes In One Game?

One of the most exciting plays in football is a long touchdown pass. There have been a number of great long touchdown passes in history, some are thrown short and the receiver does all the work, while others are long arcing bombs that are truly amazing to see. What’s the record for most touchdown passes […]

The Winningest New York Jets Quarterbacks Of All Time

The New York Jets are a great NFL franchise that has one of the best fan followings in the league. They have had up and down years since they were founded in the first year of the AFL in 1960, but they seem to be in the middle of a good streak at the moment. […]

Players Who Have Led The NFL In Interceptions In Back-To-Back Years

There are a number of statistical categories that reflect positively on a quarterback, but interceptions is usually not one of them. Leading the league in interceptions thrown in a season is not something to be proud of. Who has managed to do it two years in a row though? NFL quarterbacks who have led the […]

Through The Years: The Quarterbacks Of The New York Jets

Through The Years: The Quarterbacks of the New York Jets There are a number of interesting ways to look at the history of a football team. Some ways give insight into why a team has been particularly successful or unsuccessful over the years and other ways are just entertaining or informative. Looking at a team’s […]

The New York Jets All-Time Leading Rusher At Quarterback

Having a quarterback who can run with the ball can make it really difficult for defenses to scheme against the offense. There are not that many good running quarterbacks out there though. Who has rushed for more yards as a quarterback for the New York Jets than anyone else? The answer is Richard Todd. During […]

Joe Namath: In The Movies

Joe Namath was easily one of the most popular players in the old American Football League. His notoriety expanded after guaranteeing that the AFL‘s New York Jets would beat the NFL‘s Baltimore Colts in their upcoming Super Bowl III match-up. This popularity translated into other areas of his professional life as he would go on […]