The Five Best Rookie Running Backs In New York Jets History

The New York Jets have had a roller coaster history in professional football that has included the highest of highs and some pretty long lows too. Along the way, some great players have suited up in the green and white. Who have been the franchise’s best rookie running backs though? #5 – 1981 – Freeman […]

The Most 100 Yard Rushing Games In New York Jets History

The New York Jets started play in professional football in 1960 as the New York Titans. Over the years, they have had some great teams, good teams, average teams, and even bad teams. They have also had some great players, including at the position of running back. One of the most used measuring sticks for […]

John Riggins’ Amazing Production For The Washington Redskins In 1983

Hall of Fame running back John Riggins had a great career that stretched from 1971 to 1985. While he was always productive, both with the Jets in the early to mid 1970s and then later with the Redskins, nothing he did would match his 1983 season. -In 1983, Riggins scored 24 touchdowns. Only two other […]

Most Rushing Touchdowns Scored By Quarter

Emmitt Smith has scored more rushing touchdowns than anyone else in National Football League history. Who has scored the most rushing touchdowns by quarter though? Here is a look at the leading rushing touchdown scorers by quarter. 1st Qtr Emmitt Smith 35 LaDainian Tomlinson 34 Marshall Faulk 32 2nd Qtr Emmitt Smith 45 LaDainian Tomlinson […]

The Oldest NFL Running Backs To Reach Significant Milestones

There are some milestone numbers in football that are important to both fans and players. For running backs those milestones are 100 yard games and 1,000 yard seasons. Who are the oldest players to reach those milestones in the NFL? -The oldest player to rush for 100 yards or more in an NFL game is […]

Who Has The Most Rushing Touchdowns By Distance?

It is common knowledge that Emmitt Smith is the career leader in rushing touchdowns scored in the NFL, but who has scored the most touchdowns by distance? A couple of weeks ago we tackled this same issue regarding what quarterback has thrown the most touchdown passes by distance. You can view that study here: Passing […]