The Favorite Receivers Of Baltimore Colts Legend Johnny Unitas

The legendary Johnny Unitas is known as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the National Football League. He played 18 seasons, 17 of those with the Baltimore Colts, before ending his career with one final partial season with the San Diego Chargers. He played in a number of great games and put […]

The Most 300 Yard Passing Games In Colts History

For a long time now, the Indianapolis Colts have been one of the best teams in the National Football League. They have had great defenders, awesome wide receivers, very good offensive linemen, and exceptional running backs in recent years. The person making it all come together though has been quarterback Peyton Manning. It should come […]

The Most Career Trouchdown Passes Thrown Against The San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers are truly one of the all time great franchises in the National Football League.  Over the years they have put on offensive shows, both before their adoption of the famous West Coast Offense and after.  49ers games have seemingly always been worth watching. Who though has had the most success against […]

The Favorite Receivers Of The Great Johnny Unitas

Johnny Unitas has gone down in history as one of the best quarterbacks ever. He put together an amazing 18 year career which saw him go to the Pro Bowl 10 times, lead the league in passing yards four times, lead the league in passing touchdowns four times, and following his retirement get voted into […]

The Most Career Touchdown Passes Thrown Against The Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings came into the NFL in 1961 and have had a fairly successful history in the league. Over the years they have had some successful offenses as well as some intimidating defenses. Since they’ve been in the league, who has thrown the most touchdown passes against the Minnesota Vikings? In fifth place on […]

Who Has Gone To The Pro Bowl The Most Times For The Colts?

The Baltimore Colts began as a team in 1953 and over the years the franchise has experienced a great amount of success. Much of that success was due to the many great players that the team has had. One of the measurements for how good a player was during their career is how many Pro […]

Who Holds The Record For The Most 50+ Yard TD Passes?

What quarterback holds the record for the most 50+ yard touchdown passes in one season? -In third place, with eight touchdown passes of 50 yards or more is Randall Cunningham (1998). -In second place, with 10 touchdown passes of 50 yards or more is John Hadl (1968). -In first place, with 11 touchdown passes of […]