The Top Five Fumble Seasons In Seattle Seahawks History

The Seattle Seahawks have a deep connection with their local community thanks to some stellar play on the field. The team came from expansion level performance in the mid 1970’s to winning the Super Bowl. They’ve had some great players over the years too. Great players accomplish great things. But football players also end up […]

13 Quarterbacks You May Not Realize Have Had 4,000 Yard Seasons

When a quarterback has a 3,000 yard season, it is generally considered that they have been very effective running their team’s passing game. A quarterback who passes for more than 4,000 yards in a season though has really done something exceptional. Needless to say, the list of quarterbacks who have accomplished this includes some of […]

A Logjam On The List Of Detroit Lions 3,000 Yard Passers

The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest franchises in professional football. They have had some great players on their roster over the years and experienced some success, but unfortunately a lot more failure. Quarterbacks are often judged by how productive they are. Most commonly, by how many passing yards they put up over a […]

Quarterback Jon Kitna’s First NFL Start Ever

Jon Kitna played college football at Central Washington University and upon graduation was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Seattle Seahawks. He spent his first year in pro football with the Barcelona Dragons of the World League of American Football and was even named the league’s MVP. He got his chance to be […]

Who Has Jon Kitna Thrown The Most Touchdown Passes To?

Jon Kitna came out of tiny Central Washington University in Washington State and went on to become a starting quarterback in the National Football League. He began his career with the Seattle Seahawks where he saw time as both a starter and a backup. He then went to the Cincinnati Bengals where he really got […]

The Top Ten Most Sacked Quarterbacks In Cincinnati Bengals History

Quarterback sacks is not the most impressive statistical category for a quarterback to lead in. Sacks are not always the fault of the quarterback, but they are always felt by him the hardest. The Cincinnati Bengals have had some great players over the years at the quarterback position, but which one has been sacked the […]

45 Interesting Facts About Cincinnati Bengals Quarterbacks!

The Cincinnati Bengals came into pro football in 1968 as members of the American Football League. Two years later the team was brought into the NFL as part of the AFL-NFL merger of 1970. Over the years, the Bengals have had some up and down years. They have also had quarterbacks ranging from sub-par to […]

The Most Sacked Seattle Seahawks Quarterbacks Of All Time

The Seattle Seahawks came into the NFL in 1976 and since then have had some up and down times. They’ve gone to the playoffs a number of times, and even made it to a Super Bowl too during their somewhat brief time in the league. Over the years a number of quarterbacks have taken snaps […]

The Seattle Seahawks All-Time Leading Rusher At Quarterback

In most NFL offenses, the main job of the quarterback is not to run the ball. When quarterbacks do run though, it can be beneficial. Who is the leading rusher for the Seattle Seahawks from the quarterback position? The answer to that is Jim Zorn. Jim Zorn played for the Seahawks from their first day […]

28 Great Detroit Lions Quarterback Trivia Facts

The Detroit Lions have had their fair share of troubles at the quarterback position, and then some. Here is a look though at 28 great trivia items about the quarterbacks of the Detroit Lions. -The team record of the Detroit Lions for most passing yards in a season is held by Scott Mitchell. It was […]