The Kickoff And Punt Returns For Touchdowns Of The Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are one of the oldest franchises in the National Football League. During their incredibly long history, they have had a lot of great players. Many of those players have made some big plays too for the team over the years. One of the most exciting plays in football is a kickoff or […]

The Kansas City Chiefs’ Dante Hall’s Amazing 2003 Season As A Returner

An effective kick or punt returner can be a game changer in the National Football League. Returning kicks and punts for touchdowns is obviously helpful, but also important is the improved field position that a good returner can give a team. One of the best years by a returner in the history of the NFL […]

A Surprise Name Sits Atop The Atlanta Falcons Touchdown Return Leaders

Over the years, the Atlanta Falcons have had a number of very good, and very fast, players fill the roles of kick returner and punt returner. Some of the great players who have brought back kicks and punts for the team include Deion Sanders, Todd Kinchen, Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, Allen Rossum, Eric Metcalf, Tim […]

Who Has The Most Fair Catches?

Something You Never Wondered About – Who Has The Most Fair Catches? Fair catches have always been the biggest let down of the National Football League. Kickoffs and punts are some of the more exciting plays during most games, because almost anything can happen. But, when a player calls for a fair catch he takes […]