The Five Best Kicking Seasons In Cardinals NFL History

The kicking game is often one of the most needed parts of a football team. Kickers aren’t on the field for much of the game but when they’re needed, you notice. The Cardinals have been around for a very long time. Who in franchise history has had the best kicking seasons though? #5 – Greg […]

NFL Kickers Ready To Move Up On The All-Time Leader List In 2017

Wiuth the 2017 NFL season ready to start, we’re taking a look to see if any kickers are primed to move up on the all-time career leader list this year. Extra Points Made On the top ten all-time list for extra points made in NFL history, there is one active kicker. Adam Vinatieri has been […]

10 Fun Facts About 10 NFL Kickers

Kickers play a big part in NFL games. You sure know when they don’t make their kicks and you sure know when they do. It’s a high pressure job. Here are ten fun facts about ten NFL kickers. Matt Bryant After two seasons with the New York Giants, Matt Bryant spent 2004 playing one game […]

Super Bowl Kicker Fun Facts

Kickers can play a big role in a football game. That’s even more notable when there’s as much on the line as a win or loss in the Super Bowl. Here is a look at five fun facts about Super Bowl kickers: The First Kick Don Chandler played in the NFL from 1956 to 1967. […]

Five Little Known Facts About NFL Kicker Morten Andersen

Morten Andersen had a long NFL career, playing from 1982 to 2007, and retired holding a number of NFL records. Here are five little known facts about this great NFL kicker. -Only two players have come out of Michigan State University and played more than two decades in the NFL. The first was quarterback Earl […]

The Five Best Kicking Seasons In New England Patriots History

The New England Patriots have been playing professional football since 1960 and have had both good stretches of football and bad.  Through that time they have also had some great kickers too.  Who have the most successful kickers been over the course of a full season though? #1 – 2008 – Stephen Gostkowski In 2008, […]

10 Fun Facts About Pittsburgh Steelers Kicker Shaun Suisham

The Pittsburgh Steelers ground control offens relies somewhat on a good and accurate field goal kicker. Shaun Suisham fits that role perfectly. He has experience and talent, and those two attributes have served him well during his career. Here is a look at ten fun facts about Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Shaun Suisham. #1 – Shaun […]

The Five Best Kicking Seasons In Washington Redskins History

One part of a football team that many fans, and unfortunately many NFL front offices and head coaches, overlook is the kicking game. A good kicker can add some serious points for a team over the course of the year. They can make more overall because they are more accurate or they can make more […]

The Five Best Kicking Seasons In Pittsburgh Steelers History

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a great professional football franchises since their inception back in the early days of the National Football League.  Over the the years, they have had great seasons, played in big games, and even won a good amount of championships.  They have also had some great players during their time in […]

The Five Best Kicking Seasons In Titans / Oilers History

One of the highest pressure jobs in football is kicker. The kicker has to wait on the sidelines and then enters the game for just a few plays per game where all attention is on him. Be successful and the team gets three points. Fail and the other team gets the ball. The Houston Oilers […]