Little Known Facts About The Rookie Year Of Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez

There was a lot of excitement among New York Jets fans when Mark Sanchez was drafted by their team in the 2009 NFL Draft. He had an up and down season, sometimes looking like he had it all together and sometimes looking like he was a little overwhelmed. He always looked like he would eventually […]

The Price The Jets Paid To Get The Services Of Quarterback Mark Sanchez

The New York Jets set two notable team standards when they acquired quarterback Mark Sanchez out of the University of Southern California. -The trade the team made to move up and select him 5th overall in the 2009 NFL Draft was the largest draft day trade in the team’s history. -As a rookie, before even […]

Through The Years: The Quarterbacks Of The New York Jets

Through The Years: The Quarterbacks of the New York Jets There are a number of interesting ways to look at the history of a football team. Some ways give insight into why a team has been particularly successful or unsuccessful over the years and other ways are just entertaining or informative. Looking at a team’s […]

Interesting Facts About Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez Rookie Year

Mark Sanchez was drafted and brought great fanfare and hope to New York City, at least by to the Jets fans there. The Jets seem to have been searching for their next great quarterback almost since the day the great Joe Namath left the franchise in the mid 1970s. Like most rookie quarterbacks, Sanchez experienced […]